Make Noise Shared System - Maths is loads of fun with Echophon

Yesterday my Make Noise Shared System arrived in Hong Kong together with Typhoon Merbok.  It could have been an alien invasion for all I knew - my headphones were on the whole day :)

I thought the 0-Coast was deep having spent a couple of months exploring it.  But the Shared System takes it to another level.  Rather than be daunted by the task of learning it I'm taking it a patch at a time and starting out really simple.  

The tutorials in the manual are a great starting point.  In the video below I did some basic modifications to Tutorial 2 by adding the Echophon and a couple of other cables.  Then systematically turn the knobs until something grabs me and go with it.  

Sitting with a patch for a day or two before moving on definitely helps with getting better results.  Next step is to automate the knob turning with some CV / LFOs.  But turning knobs can be fun too!

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