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Plonk Is Here

Order now while stocks last! Plonk uses a technique known as physical modelling to synthesize, with great realism, the way in which sound is produced by acoustic instruments. The Plonk module is, itself, focused primarily on creating percussive sounds — both pitched and un-pitched; natural and unnatural; acoustic-sounding or totally electronic.

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New Brand In Stock

Noise Engineering is character in a small footprint. Digital when it works, analog when it works. Exploring new sound spaces to help broaden the universe of musical tone in the context of a proper interactive interface. Check out their latest offerings in the Noise Engineering Collection page.

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Animato Audio Joins NAMM

Looking forward to meeting our partners in person at NAMM 2018 in California. Can't wait to see all the exciting product launches and demonstrations in person. 

Eurorack Brands on

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