TP-7 field recorder

TP-7 field recorder

Teenage Engineering

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there are thoughts, ideas and fragments that - for the sake of humanity -we need to record and be able to return to as a reference, as a seed for new thoughts or just to remember another time. TP–7 is built for just that, to record sound, music, interviews and important ideas with zero friction in the highest possible quality. a device engineered in every detail to do only one thing and to do it well. a dedicated piece of hardware for ideas, or just a dirty riff.

intuitive muscle reflex control.

TP–7 fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and lets your fingers naturally adopt the controls. the index finger triggers fast forward and the middle finger rewinds. your thumb records a memo, the pinky selects the mode. it's a genuinely rewarding man-machine experience.

tape reel sensation.

the center piece of the TP–7 is the motorized tape reel. a delicately engineered brushed motor with ball bearings, and a highly sensitive hall sensor that lets you virtually grab your recording. the reel is also used for scrubbing, to pause, menu navigation and as gentle visual feedback during playback and recording.

the rocker.

the side-mounted rocker allows you to quickly scrub through your audio. just press on the top edge to fast forward, and down to rewind. watch the wheel spin around and hear your tracks scrub in ’hyperspeed’.

transcription hell turned into transcription heaven.

if you've ever experienced the process of transcribing recorded speech to text by hand, you'll know what we mean. a key feature of the TP–7 is its ability to streamline the process of turning audio into text. simply connect your phone to TP–7 via ble or usb, open the TP–7 app and press transcribe. job done!


off the record.

picture yourself in an interview situation. the reel on the TP–7 is spinning slowly, the bright red record lamp is lit. both the reel and the lamp indicates that a recording is taking place. the interview is going quite well.the situation gets heated, you're suddenly asked some personal that moment, you gently place a finger on the reel and pause the recording, allowing you to continue the interview ‘off the record’.

the importance of zero friction.

(or how to remove steps from thought to action.)

let's compare TP–7 to the most common recorder today – the smartphone:once you've turned on and unlocked your phone, found the recording app and started recording, you've probably forgotten whatever you had in mind. when recording on TP–7: press the memo button and start talking.