Starting Eurorack With A Small Rig - Part 3

For those that tuned into the previous series "Build Your Own Synth" will know my penchant for drums.  So how could we do without one even for this small rig?  Although quite a big HP hog, Elements is very suitable for a small setup because of the vast range of sounds you can generate.

There's definitely no menu diving with Elements and performing with it is an absolute joy.  The layout of the knobs makes things very intuitive after you spend some time studying the manual to understand the relationship between the parameters.  Pressing the "Play" button will add dramatic musical effect to any performance.

Once you've got the hang of all the knobs there are loads of CV inputs to modulate pretty much everything.  As with the other Mutable Instruments modules Elements is hackable as well.  Click here for firmware hacking procedures.  With the recent spate of module discontinuations from MI, it will be interesting to see what the successor to Elements will be.  Regardless of what or when this current version will remain a classic.

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