OP-Z, Digitone and Telharmonic Mini Jam


The main sequence is being driven by the Teenage Engineering OP-Z while the Elektron Digitone and Eurorack are assisting on the ambience and textures. 

OP-Z is sending MIDI to Digitone and CV and Gate signals to the Eurorack gear through the oplab ZM-1 expansion module. Digitone is also sending MIDI to Eurorack via the umidi 1u module to send clock to Tempi and also trigger the second AD envelop in Maths.  Arturia Minilab is sending MIDI to the OP-Z for step programming.  iPhone visuals are produced by the Motion track on the OP-Z.

Make Noise Tempi is using the preset clock patterns to modulate the various inputs on the Telharmonic.  Interesting effects can be produced by changing the Clock Division on the uMidi and sweeping through the Tempi presets.

List of gear used in the patch:

- Teenage Engineering OP-Z

- oplab ZM-1 expansion module

- Elektron Digitone

- Intellijel Palette 62HP Eurorack case

- Intellijel uMidi 1U module

- Intellijel Quad VCA

- Makes Noise Telharmonic

- Make Noise Maths

- Make Noise Tempi

- Arturia Minilab 

- iPhone X