Summer Synthesizer Camp

Summer Synthesizer Camp

Animato Audio

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Audio Visual Art Experience

This summer we are looking forward to bringing the joy of electronic music and visual art making to adults and children ages 5 and up.

Participants will learn about music making using the modular synthesizer. These wonderful machines are tactile, responsive and playful. Teens and children alike will enjoy interacting with expressive tools to create something unique. They will be guided by our experience instructors to create melodies, rhythms and incorporate daily found sound into a 2-3 minute musical composition. The Synthesizer Summer Camp experience is a fun way to expand sonic horizons and appreciation for music in general.

Camp attendees will also be introduced to the video synthesizer. This instrument can produce complex shapes and transform still pictures into interesting animations. Furthermore, they will be taught how to use the video synthesizer to create audio reactive visuals with their own musical composition. The participants are encouraged to bring their own digital photos as raw material for the animation.

In culmination, the music and visual creations will be synchronized together into a short audio visual piece.

This camp is a great opportunity for children to get their first exposure to electronic music and visual art. Children can play, create, express and explore art freely by taking advantage of creative technology. Through playing, we hope to inspire the musicians and visual artists of the future. 


  • Learn and operate an electronic music synthesizer
  • Integrating daily found sounds into music composition
  • Create melodies and rhythms
  • Recording music into a computer
  • Simple song arrangement
  • Learn and operate a video synthesizer
  • Turning pictures into moving visual montages
  • Using the video synthesizer to create audio reactive visuals
  • Recording visual montages
  • Creating the final audio visual composition

      Total duration: 3hrs


      • Explore and create music outside the traditional music context
      • Learn to appreciate a wide variety of sounds in daily life
      • Develop personal taste and preference for music and sounds
      • Manipulating raw materials (audio/ visual) to create art
      • Build confidence in creativity and expression