Quad Lopass Gate Model 292t

Quad Lopass Gate Model 292t

Buchla & Tiptop Audio

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OUTPUTS All - Can use this output as a 4 to 1 (mono) audio mixer A,B,C,D - Individual audio outputs. Can be used as a quadraphonic distribution mixer

INPUTS A,B,C,D - Individual audio inputs

CV INPUTS A,B,C,D - Control Voltage inputs for each audio channel

BLUE KNOBS These are manual volume/osets for each channel

BLUE SWITCHES These select among 3 dierent modes: Gate - A linear VCA (LED lit) Combo - A combination of the linear gate and the lopass filter mode. It adds a subtle ringing decay to the audio (No LED, both LEDs not lit) LoPass - A LoPass filter. Gives that “snap” when pinging it. (LED lit)

* Note: Explore using the the 257t to attenuate the an envelope going into the 292t for a wider variety of timbres and responses