Super Gemini Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer

Super Gemini Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer

UDO Audio

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[Pre-Order] The Super Gemini is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog- hybrid powerhouse. Employing an unprecedented dual-layer design, the Super Gemini gifts you with immediate comprehensive control over both timbral layers — allowing you to tweak, mold and bend your performances on a synth with unparalleled sonic possibilities.


Stacked with up to 20 voices of polyphony, the Super Gemini boasts an immensely powerful sound engine where a performance isn’t just a single sound, but an entire spectrum of sonic opportunity in which voices and timbral layers can be split, dualled, sequenced all at the touch of a single control. Spectrally rich digital hardware oscillators of unique construction, decorated with a plethora of expansive tonal features such as wave morphing, cross & ring modulation, bi-directional sync and more, all feed into an all-analog signal path inspired by the classic vintage instruments of our past. The result is a core-sound that is rich, evolving, engaging and addictive.

keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, in addition to a custom engineered ribbon sensor for individual note articulation and a gestural way to explore your sound. With 256 performance and patch slots, 64 interchangeable waveforms and 16 sequences, you can safely store and edit your sounds without concern.

Matching sonic innovation with tactility, the Super Gemini is equipped with a 61-note semi-weighted

As the second synth in the ‘Super’ series, the Gemini represents a quantum leap in UDO’s technology – building on the acclaimed rich sound pioneered by George Hearn and the Super 6. Adopting a true-stereo Binaural signal path with dual FPGAs and twin effects processors, Gemini will take you on an adventure of spectral dynamics, of glittering frequency and shattering subharmonics, of comfort and discord, expectations and surprises.