7U Metal CV Bus Case

7U Metal CV Bus Case

Make Noise

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The Make Noise 7U Metal CV Bus Case is a professional, lightweight eurorack case with no compromise. Two rows of 104 hp ensure that you’ll always have plenty of modules to play, whether at home or on the road, with its size easily meeting most airline’s carry-on luggage requirements. The unique CV bus works as a giant multiple, feeding shared signals around the system with ease. A ¼” inch input provides gain so that external, non-modular instruments can easily be integrated, while a mono or stereo output jack can be converted back to line levels. The proven power supply is guaranteed to safely support your playing anywhere in the world, and the removable lid keeps modules protected without removing patch cables. Excellent case solution for traveling performer.


  • 2 rows of 104 hp (3U) + 1 Row of 104 hp (1U) with Make Noise CV bus installed
  • Black powder coated metal case
  • Lid can be closed with a fully patched system
  • Carrying handle and rubber feet
  • Meets most airlines’ carry-on luggage requirement
  • Power supply: 1.4A @+12VDC, 1A@-12VDC, 1A@+5VDC (Universal power supply included)
  • 18 connectors on the bus board
  • Select bus and Eurorack bus compatible
  • M2.5 sliding nuts


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
Functions Case
INS / OUTS 7 ins / 17 outs
Expander N/A

22.25" x 14" x 7.25" w/ lid

(56.52 cm x 35.56 cm x 18.41 cm)

HP 208 @ 3U + 104 @ 1U
Max. module depth 2.5" (63.5mm)
Power +12V : 1.4A, -12V : 1A, +5V : 1A
Weight 12.75 lbs (5.783 kg)
Manufacture Page 7U Metal CV Bus Case
Manual N/A