Low Freq Osc

Low Freq Osc


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Modulate your sound the right way with the Low Freq Osc! With a host of features packed into 14HP, Low Freq Osc give you immediate control over your LFO, with the ability to offset your LFO, change the rate between two different ranges, and attenuate your LFO with a ducking CV input. Build wub wubs, orchestral swells, and more with the Low Freq Osc!

  • Low frequency oscillator

  • 4 morphing waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Pulse

  • Two offset modes: 0V to 5V, -5V to 5V

  • Rate Range: from 30 second cycles to audio rate

  • Attenuator with unique CV ducking input

    Tech Specs

  • Width: 14HP

  • Depth: 38mm

  • Power Consumption: +12V=40mA, -12V=6mA, +5V=0mA

  • Front Panel: Ships in Intellijel format.