Sample | Hold

Sample | Hold


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Sample | Hold is a two channel analog sample and hold circuit for the 1U format. S|H provides ultra low droop while maintaining an imperceptibly fast acquisition time. Generate perfect-pitch sequences from white noise, give your audio a lo-fi downsampling, and more with this handy utility circuit.

  • Two independent sample and hold circuits

  • Channel 1 is normalled to Channel 2

  • Ultra low droop, useful for perfect pitch sampling

  • LED voltage indicators

  • Ability to downsample audio signals

  • Input Range: +12V

    Tech Specs

  • Width: 10HP

  • Depth: 38mm

  • Power Consumption: +12V=5mA, -12V=5mA, +5V=0mA

  • Front Panel: Ships in Intellijel format.