State Variable Filter

State Variable Filter


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Shape your sound subtly, or intensely with the State Variable Filter! SVF is an all analog, tri-output 12db sloped OTA filter with voltage controlled resonance. With simultaneous outputs of lowpass, high pass, and bandpass outputs, any signal can be expanded and changed from smooth and creamy to squelching at a moment’s patch. Bring the iconic analog sound shaping tool to your patch today!

  • all-analog state variable filter

  • 12db slope

  • Simultaneous Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass outputs

  • CV over cutoff frequency and resonance

    Tech Specs

  • Width: 14HP

  • Depth: 38mm

  • Power Consumption: +12V=55mA, -12V=55mA, +5V=0mA

  • Front Panel: Ships in Intellijel format.