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MIX7 is a seven-channel analog summing mixer module for Eurorack systems. It's designed to mix various signals found in modular systems, such as audio, CV, triggers, or gates. MIX7 enhances your mix with increased headroom using low-noise analog summing.

This 3HP Eurorack utility module allows you to combine rhythms, note patterns, or CV automations from different control sources. Connect the main output of one MIX7 to another input to create larger mixing groups and intricate signal routes within your modular.

MIX7 features a low-noise operational amplifier-based summing circuit, providing excellent sound quality for mixing audio, classic analog texture, and versatility for summing non-audio signals. Each input is labeled with 1-7 dots, with yellow for inputs and green for outputs.

At the back, a user-configurable jumper lets users choose between unity gain (OUT = IN) or increased headroom (OUT = 0.4IN) for use with hot audio signals, making it a great pairing for Tiptop Audio percussive modules. A peak indicator light on the front panel warns users of audio clipping in the mix, preserving the original sound quality.

Specifications: - Size: 3HP - Depth: 43mm - Power: +12V 25mA / -12V 20mA