A-150 Dual Voltage Controlled Switch

A-150 Dual Voltage Controlled Switch


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Module A-150 (Dual VCS) contains two separate voltage-controlled switches.

Each switch has a control voltage input, a common Out / Input, and two In / Outputs. The switches are bi-directional: they can work in both directions, so can connect one input to either of two outputs, or either of two inputs to one output. Voltages in the range -8V...+8V at the O/I resp. I/O sockets can be processed by the module.

Two LEDs show which in / output is active (ie. which is connected to the common out / input).

For more detailed information please look at the English user's manual: A150_man.pdf

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New: From May 2004 an improved version of the module is manufactured. The revised version allows to process voltages in the full A-100 voltage range (i.e. -12V....+12V). The previous limitation to -8...+8V is no longer valid. The new version can be distinguished from the previous version by the printing at the pcb ("A-150 DUAL VC SWITCH VERSION 2"). Another way to distinguish the two versions are the integrated circuits: "CD4053" for the old version, "DG409" for the new version. Sorry it is not possible to update the old version of the A-150 to the new one as the complete circuit has been changed.