A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter / Modifier

A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter / Modifier


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Module A-165 (Dual Trigger Modifier) contains two separate trigger modifiers, to use with logical / digital levels (gate, clock, trigger). Each half of the module enables signals generated by the A-100 to communicate with other instruments (such as an external sequencer), or is simply used where you want to reverse a trigger polarity.
Whatever signal is patched into the input is inverted by the module, and fed out of the Inv. Out (inverted output) socket. At the same time, a trigger signal of roughly 50 ms is generated every time an edge of the trigger pulse is sensed (negative as well as positive). This trigger signal is available at the +/- output.
Two LEDs act as indicators showing the level of signal available at the two outputs.
When both units are daisy-chained the module can be used as level shifter for gate/trigger/clock signals (from min. +2,5V up to +12V)

Technical data:

  • minimal input level of the gate/trigger/clock signal: ~  +2,5V
  • output level: min. ~ +11V
  • lenght of the trigger pulses at output +/-: ~ 50 ms

For more detailed information please look at the English user's guide: A165_man.pdf