A-190-4 USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate / Sync Interface

A-190-4 USB / MIDI-to-CV / Gate / Sync Interface


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Module A-190-4 is a Midi-to-CV/Gate/Sync interface, which is used to control A-100 modules via Midi or USB.
It has available two CV outputs, which put out control voltages from 0 V to +5 V  so that you can control not just the pitch, but also another voltage-controllable parameter on the A-100. CV1 is 'hard-wired to receive Midi note messages and convert them into a 1V/octave compatible control voltage available output socket CV1. As a rule, CV1 will be used to control the pitch of one or more VCOs which follow the 1V/octave standard (all A-100 VCOs follow this standard). In addition, the A-190-4 allows for portamento (glide) and pitch-bend, and provides a software LFO for CV1.
The second CV output CV2 can assigned to Midi velocity, after touch or your choice of MIDI controller. It can be used for voltage control of any suitable module (eg VCF, VCA, etc.).
A-190-4 has a Gate output available which is usually connected to the gate input(s) of one or more envelope generators (ADSR).
The module also has a clock output available which is controlled by MIDI clock. This can be divided down to provide a variety of clock outputs, and enable older sequencers or drum machines to be synced to Midi.
The Reset output is controlled by Midi Start/Stop. A Midi Start or Continue message turns Reset to low, a Midi Stop messages makes it go high. If desired the polarity can of the Reset output can be inverted.
From the factory the voltage levels for Gate, Clock and Reset are +5V. By means of a jumper the levels can be changed to +12V. Within the A-100 both levels are possible. If you want to control other devices please refer to the user manual which level is required.

For more detailed information please look at the user's guide: A190_4_man.pdf

Important notes:

  • The Scale (SCA) and Tune (TUn) parameters remain unchanged when the module is initialized ! Otherwise the initialization would overwrite the adjusted values. Because of the tolerances of electrical parts there are no fixed values for SCA and TUn which are valid for all modules. The values for SCA and TUn differ a bit from module to module because of the tolerances of electrical parts. In case that the module has been adjusted totally wrong: typical values are 100 for SCA (coarse) and 55 for TUn (coarse).
  • The module comes with installed bus jumpers for CV and Gate. One has to remove the jumpers if e.g. an A-164, A-190-1, A-190-2, A-190-3, A-185-1 or A-185-2 is already connected to the CV and/or gate lines of the same bus board!  If the A-190-3 should be used as CV and gate source for the A-100 bus the CV and gate connections of other CV/gate sources to the A-100 bus have to be removed. Otherwise short circuits are made between the outputs of the CV or gate transmitters !
  • The gate level of the A-190-3 can be changed from +5V to +12V. For this the jumper on JP10A (behind the CV Note socket, labelled "GATE 5V JP10A") has to be removed and installed to JP10B (behind the 16 pin bus connector, labelled "GATE 12V JP10B").
  • The module is a USB device or slave in USB mode. It has no USB host function (like computers or laptops with type A USB connectors). Details on the FAQ page of our website: USB network principles