A-190-5 Polyphonic USB/Midi-to-CV/Gate Interface

A-190-5 Polyphonic USB/Midi-to-CV/Gate Interface


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Module A-190-5 is a four voice Midi/USB to CV/Gate interface. For each voice a pitch control voltage (CV1, 1V/octave standard to control VCOs), a gate output (to control envelope generators) and two additional control voltages (CV2, CV3) are available. The two additional CV outputs can be controlled by Midi velocity, volume, modulation, pitch bend, after touch or free assignable Midi controllers.

These modes are planned (without obligation):

  • four voice monophonic (i.e. to control four monophonic voices by four succeeding Midi channels)
  • four voice polyphonic (i.e. to control four monophonic voices by one Midi channel) with several sub-modes (e.g. rotating / non-rotating)
  • two voice polyphonic (i.e. to control two monophonic voices by one Midi channel)
  • unisono

The mode is selected by means of momentary switches and is shown in the LC display. Certain parameters of each mode can be edited (e.g. the midi channel(s), the midi reference note for 0V CV, assigned controllers for CV2 and CV3). The parameter values (e.g. midi channels) are shown in the display and can be modified by means of the momentary switches. In Play mode the LEDs of the first four switches display the gate states.

Preliminary user's manual as of December 2018: A190_5_man.pdf
If you have questions please contact software@doepfer.de.

Updates and bug fixes can be installed by the customer via the USB interface if applicable.