Analog Heat MKII

Analog Heat MKII


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From extreme audio mangling to subtle mastering enhancements, the Analog Heat MKII makes any sound sizzle with warm analog character. Sporting stereo analog filters, eight different stereo analog distortion circuits, and a two-band EQ that responds differently to each character circuit, the Analog Heat MKII can coax new sonic magic out of your existing sound sources, whether that is individual synths, samplers, a drum buss, or the whole master mix.

With assignable envelope generator, envelope follower, LFO, and two inputs for CV, expression pedals or footswitches, the sonic character can come to life and evolve! Connect the Heat to a computer to open up even more options, where it can be used as a soundcard with 2 inputs and 2 outputs, an external effect for sounds within the DAW, or a VST or AU instrument with all controls available to be modulated via MIDI.


  • Eight stereo analog distortion circuits: clean boost, tape saturation emulation, tube amp emulation, overdrive, crunch, distortion, harmonic fuzz and high gain
  • Stereo analog multi-mode filter with 7 filter types: one-pole Low Pass, two-pole Low Pass, Band Pass, one-pole High Pass, two-pole High Pass, Band Stop, and Peak filter
  • 2-band adaptable stereo analog EQ
  • Drive control and dry/wet to dial in the perfect amount of distortion
  • Assignable envelope generator or envelope follower for external sounds
  • Assignable LFO
  • Can be used as 2-input/2-output sound card while simultaneously processing audio from DAW
  • 128 user preset slots
  • Easy-to-read OLED screen
  • Sends and receives MIDI clock, program changes and continuous controller messages


Analog Heat MKII specifications


Sound processing
  • 8 × Stereo analog distortion circuits
  • 1 × Stereo analog multi-mode filter (7 filter types)
  • 1 × 2 band adaptable stereo analog EQ
  • 1 × Assignable envelope generator/envelope follower
  • 1 × Assignable LFO
  • 128 user preset slots
  • 128×64 pixel OLED screen
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out
  • 2 × 1/4″ balanced audio out jacks
  • 2 × 1/4″ balanced audio in jacks
  • 1 × 1/4″ stereo headphones jack
  • 2 × 1/4″ CV/Expression pedal input jacks
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
  • Flash-EEPROM upgradable OS
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 port
Audio outputs
  • Headphones out level: +19 dBu peak
  • Headphones output impedance: 36 Ω
  • Impedance balanced main outputs level: +19 dBu peak
  • Main outputs impedance: 440 Ω unbalanced
Audio inputs
  • Balanced audio input level: +19 dBu peak
  • Audio input impedance: 39 kΩ
Control inputs
  • Input level: -5 V – +5 V
  • Accepts CV, Expression pedals, Foot switches
Physical specifications
  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Dimensions: W215×D184×H63 mm (8.5×7.2×2.5″) (including audio outputs, knobs and rubber feet)
  • Weight: approximately 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • 100×100 mm VESA mounting holes
  • Overbridge enabled (available later)
  • 3 year Elektron warranty
Included in the box
  • Power Supply PSU-3b
  • Elektron USB cable