Tiptop Audio

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Introducing the Tiptop Audio ATX1, a smart analog VCO that offers exceptional performance and flexibility. This high-quality VCO features four classic waveforms, including sine, triangle, saw, and pulse, and offers a range of modes such as ART, 1V/Octave, LFO, and more.

The ATX1 is designed to learn your setup environment and case, providing optimal performance with initial tuning. The initial tuning process involves warming up the unit and allowing it to record its new home's electrical rails and ambient temperature. This process ensures that the ATX1 delivers accurate and stable tuning, even in changing environments.

Key features of the Tiptop Audio ATX1 include:

* Analog VCO with 4 classic waveforms (sine, triangle, saw, pulse)

* ART Mode * 1V/Octave Mode

* LFO Mode

* Single input for both ART and 1V/octave

* Dual frequency controls for precise tuning

* FM input

* PWM control with external CV

* Crossfade between waveforms manually and with CV

* Sync input

* Gate out for ART

The ATX1 is compatible with various tuning function controllers, including the Octopus, and offers quick auto-tuning for precise tuning in real-time. With its high-quality sound and versatile features, the Tiptop Audio ATX1 is an excellent addition to any eurorack system.