ART Control Path

ART Control Path

Tiptop Audio

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Introducing the Control Path module by Tiptop Audio - a compact and user-friendly dynamics module that consolidates essential synthesizer voice components. This module features two analog envelope generators (EG), modeled after the classic OBX envelopes, and an SSI2164 VCA, perfect for sound modification and volume control.

Key features:

* Classic OBX-style envelopes for sound modification and VCA

* Compact and easy-to-use design

* Velocity control for dynamic variations in notes

* Velocity trimmer adjustments for syncing with external gear

* 0 - 5V CV input and output range

* 3V minimum gate input

* 10Vpp typical VCA input range

* 8HP width and 40mm depth * 50mA @ +12V and 55mA @ -12V power consumption

Expertly crafted for the discerning synth enthusiast, the Control Path module is an essential addition to any modular synthesizer setup.