ART Vortex Wavetable Oscillator

ART Vortex Wavetable Oscillator

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Vortex is a digital wavetable oscillator, inspired by classic 80s synths, offering a wide range of sounds from natural emulations to harsh noises. With an internal set of classic to contemporary tones and the ability to load user-created tables from a microSD card, the sound possibilities are endless.

Key features:

- ART input and gate out for external envelope control

- Detuning of the second VCO for a variety of sounds

- Vibrato CV for frequency modulation

- MIDI controls including PitchBend

- Two digital hardware oscillators playing the same waveform with detuning options - Wavetable synthesis using 64 different waveforms

- Continuous blend of waveforms using the Position knob and external CV

- MIDI compatibility with standard western twelve-tone pitches

Vortex uses ART digital communication for pitch and gate data. Connect Vortex to a filter, VCA, or any envelope generator (EG) to control a VCA or VCF. The Gate Out maintains clear polyphonic patches by setting the gate high for a note on and low for the note off of the same pitch.

The product includes an SD card for loading wavetables from internal memory or user-created tables. The LED will indicate the selected source. The encoder changes the file and loads a new set of waveforms into Vortex.

Vortex is compatible with WaveEdit for creating and downloading wavetables. Visit []( for more information.


- Gate Out: 0 to +5V

- File CV: 0 to +5V

- Morph CV: 0 to +5V

- Vibrato CV: -5V/+5V

- Width: 8HP

- Depth: 40mm / 1.5”

- Power: +12V: 80mA, -12V: 25mA

Experience the versatility and power of wavetable synthesis with Vortex.