Brains Pressure Points Expansion

Brains Pressure Points Expansion

Make Noise

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The Brains expander turns your Pressure Points controller(s) into a dynamic and powerful sequencer. With comprehensive CV controls over the entire sequencer engine, this Brains & Pressure Points combination can generate anything from a tamed techno bass-line to absolute sonic mayhem. Did we mention the gate outputs on the top row of the pressure points becomes a pulse sequencer as well? Just give it a clock and start tweaking! Our favorite trick in the shop is to send a random gate into the DIR (direction) for some drunk-walking sequences.


  • Turns your Pressure Points into a 4-step sequencer
  • Link up to two Pressure Points (maximum) as an 8-step sequencer
  • External clock input (CLK)
  • Voltage control over sequence reset (RST), start/stop (RUN) and sequence direction (DIR)
  • T-GATE output serves as a combined gate output for all the touch-pads
  • T-CLK input serves as an auxiliary clock input to “gate” touch actions on the Pressure Points


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
INS / OUTS 5 x INS / 1 x OUTS
Expander Yes (For Make Noise Pressure Points)


HP 4
Max. module depth 1.417" (36 mm)
Power +12V : 1.4A, -12V : 1A, +5V : 1A
Weight 0.15 lbs (0.07 kg)
Manufacture Page Brains
Manual brainsmanual.pdf