Ch. Svr

Ch. Svr

Make Noise

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Ch.Svr music synthesizer module is a compact tool, providing multiple signal-processing channels, beneficial in various modular setups. As an evolution of MATHS' summing, offsetting, and attenuating features, it maintains the legacy of shaping control signals for sound signal manipulation.


  • Utilize Channels 1 and 2 to scale, amplify, attenuate, or invert incoming signals
  • Generate DC offsets when unpatched.
  • Channel 3 enables crossfading between two signals or attenuating one.
  • The SUM and INVerterted SUM Bus facilitate addition, subtraction, mirroring, and inversion.
  • Independent Channel Outputs for Channels 1 and 2 ensure versatile application of all three channels.
  • Rely on Ch.Svr for refined modulation in your eurorack setup, giving your slivers the subtle and purposeful modulation they need.


  • Width: 6hp
  • Max Depth
    (incl. power cable): 30mm
  • Power:
    20mA @+12V
    10mA @-12V