Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer Eurorack compatible bass guitar #224

Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer Eurorack compatible bass guitar #224

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The DEIMEL FIRESTAR BASS is born as a sibling bass of the very successful Deimel Firestar guitar. Mixed elements of several classic designs went into the concept of the Deimel Firestars. Being designed in the same manner as the Firestar guitar, the fusion of traditionally proven bass designs move onto a new step of comfort and elegance.

»The Deimel Firestar bass is equipped with the same extended sound varieties and comfortable playability as the Deimel Firestar guitar.«

The long-scale bass neck features a single piece of figured hard rock maple with a backwards angled headstock. It is fashioned after P-Bass dimensions and topped with a Pau Ferro fretboard. The bass has a rigid and simple constructed neck equipped with a single side adjusted trussrod. No additional string holders bother on the headstock.

The body is most of the times made out of one single piece of Yellow Poplar. Its retro-futuristic shape has been influenced by »classic« body contours which were merged into a new unique body shape.

The bass is very well equipped with not only up to 3 Lollar Thunderbird pickups, but also a piezo disc inside the body. Alternatively we offer the new »Deimel Thunderbuckers« in JM-Style with various split functions. 

Pickup controls include a 3-way pickup selector and a slider switch to turn the middle pickup on or off. When the middle pickup is off, the 3-way toggle can control the bridge pickup, the neck pickup, or both. When the middle pickup is on, the 3-way toggle selects the neck and middle pickups, all three pickups, or just the middle and bridge pickups. The piezo also has an on/off slider switch. Finally, a third slider switch activates a low cut to get a surf or »James Bond« tone. Even with all those options, the bass electronics are still passive. No batteries required!

The high-quality hardware of the Deimel Firestar bass includes a string-through-body Hipshot bridge and Hipshot Ultralite tuners.

(The serial number for this Deimel Firestar Bass is 224)