Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer Eurorack compatible guitar #225

Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer Eurorack compatible guitar #225

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We are proud to present the Pickup Leslee® Synchronizer in stereo built into an Experimental Deimel Firestar.

By joining the pulse, generated by the Pickup Leslee® using wave in/wave out patch cable connectivity, it is possible to either send or receive a waveform or sending out a CV signal. It is even possible to do sync recording by using a CV to Midi generator, or to be in sync with video signals for performing artists. Create interactive art between guitar, electronic music, and performance with the Deimel Firestar!

External Synchronizer box options:

– Standard version & custom cable


 Lehle HZ Transformer version & custom cable

(Please state preference of External Synchronizer box when order is complete.)

Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer

– experimental electric guitar hand-made in Germany (serial number #225)

– taking sounds to a new level
– Pickup LesLee creates a pulse/clock
– connectivity to and interaction with modular synth
– via wave in/wave out and break out box
– separate guitar and clock signals
– built in piezo discs pick up resonances from neck and body
– pickup behind bridge amplifies bridge-to-vibrato
– string section
– perfect for stage and recording