DSP FX Expansion ROM

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DSP FX expansion ROM adds third extra bank with 8 new effects to your Black Hole DSP! Shimmer reverbs, gritty distorted delays and fun mini loopers will take your Black Hole DSP unit to the next level of fun.



  • MONO DELAY - Classic delay effect from the beloved Pico DSP with nasty feedback. 
  • SHIMMER+ - Number 1 request from all BH DSP users. Shimmer+ is a reverb algorithm with a +12 semitone pitch shifter in the feedback path. 
  • SHIMMER DRIFT - Reverb similar to Shimmer+, but with adjustable pitch shifter instead of amount setting. 
  • PITCH SHIFTER - Dual pitch shifter algorithm with +12 or -12 semitone settings on each of them and crossfade between them with the Dry/Wet knob.
  • RIPPER - Digital emulation of our FusionBox vacuum tube BBD delay & overdrive unit. 
  • LP FREEZER - Mini sampler/looper with low pass fillter at the end. (max sampling time is 0.5s) 
  • HP FREEZER - Mini sampler/looper with hi pass filter and reverb at the end. 
  • DRONE BANK - Three oscillator drone bank where input 1 and 2 works as FM inputs for the OSC 1 and 2.

NB! To install the FX expansion ROM - before turning on the module, the patch knob has to be on its MAX level.

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