Dual Dagger Dual Stereo Filter

Dual Dagger Dual Stereo Filter

Shakmat Modular

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Stereo Spectrum Slasher

The Dual Dagger is a double-sided weapon, carefully sharpened to chop stereo signals. The module gives independent control over low-pass and high-pass cutoff frequencies, and an assignable resonance is shared on one control.

The Link function turns the dual filter into a band-pass filter, with control over frequency, bandwidth and band edges resonance! The module is carefully calibrated to share the exact same parameters on both audio channels and thanks to the pan function, it is easy to break up the cutoff frequencies of each side up, which leads to a whole new territory of stereo treatments!


• Dual 24dB/octave (low pass and high pass) stereo filter

• Individual control on the low pass and high pass frequencies

• Shared and assignable control upon resonance

• Link function turning the module into a 48dB/octave bandpass filter

• CV input over low pass frequency, hi pass frequency and resonance

• CV input for “panning” control of the low pass and the hi pass

• Heavily calibrated module for identical left and right channels behaviour

• Skiff Friendly

• Djtechtools rubber injected potentiometers

• 6 hp wide