Dust Cover DC-1

Dust Cover DC-1


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Dust. It affects us all. Constantly collecting. Conspiring beneath our sofas. Plotting to gray out the joys of our lives. Dust begins its stealthy attack with a deceptively insignificant presence. Yet once it has infiltrated our realm it expands with unyielding certainty, a slow-motion invasion occurring on a scale of time which is imperceptible to we mere humans. It never stops its assault and will continue its entropic march long after it has swallowed the glorious sheen of our once-beautiful synthesizers. Is dust the physical manifestation of time, an inevitable killer? Can anything be done to stop its relentless conquest of our precious Elektron gear? For the first time in history, we can do something about dust.

With this robust neoprene Elektron Dust Cover DC-1, you may not win the immortal war against dust, but your Analog Four MKII and Analog RYTM MKII will remain forever safe from its ravages.

In­cluded in the box:
1 × Dust Cover DC-1