Dynamix Dual Low Pass Gate

Dynamix Dual Low Pass Gate

Make Noise

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The Dynamix consists of two transistor-based Low Pass Gates, each with a built-in envelope following feature. Compared to low pass gate designs which utilize vactrols, transistor responses are quicker and sharper. By feeding an audio signal into the DYNMC input, audio is turned into control-voltage to feed the Low Pass Gate, making the DYNAMIX a perfect choice for an audio dynamics processor. Side-chain ducking or superimposing one sound’s dynamics on top another sound with ease.


  • Two transistor-based Low Pass Gates
  • DYNMC input acts as an envelope follower input
  • Soft overload input level control
  • Attenuator for LEVEL CV input
  • Attenuverter for DYNMC side-chaining
  • Individual outputs or a normalized mix output
  • Auxiliary mix input


    Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
    Functions Low Pass Gate, Mixer, VCA
    INS / OUTS 7 ins / 3 outs
    Expander N/A
    Dimensions 3U
    HP 10
    Max. module depth 24 mm
    Power +12V : 55mA, -12V : 45mA, +5V : 0mA
    Weight 0.2 kg
    Manufacture Page DynaMix
    Manual dynamic-manual.pdf