Echophon Pitch Shifting Echo

Echophon Pitch Shifting Echo

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The Echophone is a voltage-controlled delay/echo effect unit with pitch-shifting capabilities. The unique feedback loop structures within can generate a wide range of possibilities, from subtle echoes to pitch-shifting shimmer effects. One can also route the feedback signal out and back to itself to include external processing for further tone shaping. The Freeze function locks the current audio buffer to achieve stutter and looping effects.


  • Pitch-Shifting range of +/- 2 octaves
  • Delay range: 7 milliseconds to 1.7 seconds
  • Internal clock or sync to external clock input
  • 2x Feedback path (Loop 1: Cascading Pitch Shift / Loop 2: Normal Pitch Shift)
  • Feedback in/out for external processing
  • Freeze buffer function
  • Fully voltage controlled


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
INS / OUTS 10 ins / 3 outs
Expander N/A


HP 20
Max. module depth 30 mm
Power +12V : 70mA, -12V : 40mA, +5V: 0mA
Weight 0.194 kg
Manufacture Page Echophon
Manual EchophonManual.pdf