Erbe-Verb DSP Reverb

Erbe-Verb DSP Reverb

Make Noise

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A voltage-controlled DSP reverb effect made under the collaboration between Make Noise and Tom Erbe from Soundhack. The most unique feature of the Erbe-Verb is its absence of preset algorithms, such as Room, Church or Hall. One can continuously go from one space to another by adjusting or modulating the parameters precisely, from short slap-back room echo, to reverse reverb and eternal drones. It’s one of the best-sounding reverb unit in eurorack.


  • Preset-less, continuous space transition, from a small room to infinite shimmer reverb
  • CV control over :
    • SIZE (Room size)
    • SPEED (Modulation speed)
    • PRE-DELAY (Early Reflection)
    • ABSORB (Damping)
    • DEPTH (Modulation)
    • TILT (Tone)
    • DECAY
    • DRY/ WET
  • Reverse Reverb ON/OFF
  • Tempo input to synchronize delay lines within the reverb to external clock
  • CV Out reflects the intensity of the reverb at any given moments
  • Mono input, Mono or Stereo output


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
INS / OUTS 11 ins / 3 outs
Expander N/A
Dimensions 3U
HP 20
Max. module depth 30 mm
Power +12V : 149mA, -12V : 15mA
Weight 0.225 kg
Manufacture Page Erbe-Verb
Manual Erbe-VerbManual.pdf