Function Control Voltage Generator

Function Control Voltage Generator

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Function is a function generator derived from the all-time classic module MATHS. It features a single AD or ASR envelope with voltage-controlled rise and fall time. An adjustable curve is available to generate linear, logarithmic and exponential behavior. Put it in CYCLE mode and Function becomes a looping LFO or Oscillator. In addition, the HANG feature can freeze the function or act as a sample and hold for an external input.


  • Attack Decay (AD) / Attack Sustain Decay (ASR) function generator
  • Linear, Logarithmic or Exponential curve
  • Cycle mode can make it an LFO or Oscillator
  • CV control over rise and fall time
  • Range: 2ms to 25 minutes long
  • HANG feature to freeze the function at its current voltage, or Sample and Hold
  • Use as Slew Limiter for external input
  • Both positive and negative inputs
  • End of Cycle and End of Rise gate outputs
    Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
    INS / OUTS 6 INS / 4 OUTS
    Expander N/A
    Dimensions 3U
    HP 8
    Max. module depth 24 mm
    Power +12V : 30mA, -12V : 20mA
    Weight 0.078 kg
    Manufacture Page Function 
    Manual FUNCTIONmanual-pdf