Graphic VCO

Graphic VCO

Erica Synths

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Erica Synths Graphic VCO allows you to draw your own waveforms, arrange them in wavetables and wavetable banks, morph between two selected waves and alter the resulting wave in advanced ways (FXes) – apply FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush.


  • Versatile waveform designer
  • Morphing between two selected waves
  • Wavetable design
  • Wavetable matrix design
  • Versatile waveform alteration – FM, phase
  • distortion, ring modulation, wavefold,
  • wavewrap, bitcrush
  • 32 classic wavetables included
  • Module state saving (Snapshots)
  • Configurable suboscillator output
  • Suboscillator tuning from -1 to -24 semitones
  • Suboscilator detuning (+/- 50 cents)
  • Skiff-friendly design
  • User waveform/wavetable upload via USB
  • Firmware upgrade via USB

Waves, wavetables, FXes and other settings can be saved and recalled from the memory instantly. The module has two outputs – the main output and the output with configurable suboscillator.

NB! To have the module functionality up to date, we recommend you to check the Erica Synths home page or our social media from time to time for announcements about firmware updates for the Graphic VCO. You can update the firmware of the module via miniUSB cable. More detailed instructions of the firmware update can be found in the User Manual. 

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude


Octave range


Sample rate


Unipolar CV input range

0 -+10V

Bipolar CV input range

-10V -+10V

Panel Width

16 HP

Module depth


Power consumption





Erica Graphic VCO on Modulargrid

One of the greatest music producer of our times - Randall Dunn recently wrote a little piece about sounds he love. He says: “We were both pretty hungry in Michigan in the 80's looking for new sounds and music. [..] Mostly played on Synclavier and a Roland JD 800 I began a strange love affair with late era digital synths like those and the PPG wave and why sometimes I still prefer the brutality of a wavetable to a Minimoog.” 

Of course, everybody loves sound of an analogue synth. It is a non-questionable core value of huge and influential tradition started in the second part of 20th century. However, if you are bored just for a minute to take part in that old collective ritual of millions, if you feel that rebel growing inside of you, if you are hungry to discover your own path, your own signature sound, if you really would love to jump into tomorrow now…, then Graphic VCO is your necessary ally. Draw your own waveforms. Sculpt your own voice. Master your own musical gesture. And you may find yourself in a new beautiful world. Indeed. 

As Leonardo once said: “If I had a Graphic VCO I would have never wasted so much time with those noiseless paintings…”

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