Harlequin's Context 4/4/4 Preset Programmer

Harlequin's Context 4/4/4 Preset Programmer

Shakmat Modular

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The Harlequin's Context is a theatre piece in 16 scenes and 4 acts. In those scenes, four channels can shapeshift into different roles such as: offset, random, LFO or envelope. Scene selection can be done manually or can be addressed / sequenced with the CV and gate inputs depending on the set configuration.

Packed in 12hp with a ton of features, the Harlequin's Context is a powerful tool to prepare a live set with, and to create very peculiar modulation signals in the studio.


• Quad channel modulation presetter

• 16 scenes manually selectable, CV adressable or sequenceable with a clock signal

• 15 different modulation algorithms : Offsets, LFOs, Randoms, Envelops or Serial

• 14 different sets, defining the way the module reacts to the CV and Gate inputs

• Morphing mode allowing to morph different modulation types

• Non-volatile memory of 16 slots of 16 scenes

• Select bus compatible as tranmsitter or receiver

• Skiff Friendly

• Djtechtools rubber injected potentiometers

• 12 hp wide