HiPass Filter

HiPass Filter

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Shoot that rumble !

HiPass is a quad fixed frequency high pass filter. The two first sections are 3-pole filters (-18dB/oct) cutting at 30Hz. This removes low frequencies generated by resonant filters, FM synthesis and DC offsets from your audio signals. Use them to process the main stereo output from your modular system and remove non-audible signals that limit your headroom! The bottom two sections are 3-pole filters cutting at 100Hz. They are designed to work exactly like the low-cut sections on your favourite mixing desk.


• 4 fixed high pass filters (butterworth response curve)

• Filters 1 and 2 : 3 poles – 30 Hz (DC remover – extreme low frequencies attenuator)

• Filters 3 and 4 : 3 poles – 100 Hz (usual Lo Cut design on mixers)

• 15 mA +12v / 15mA -12v

• Skiff friendly (29mm deep)

• 2 HP Wide