Imitor Versio

Imitor Versio

Noise Engineering

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Stereo-in, stereo-out 12-tap multimode delay with clock sync and tap tempo plus DSP platform

Imitor Versio is a delay designed for experimentation. With 12 delay taps and a slew of parameters designed to make the delay perform in unfathomable ways, Imitor Versio is perfect for creating unusual echoes, playing with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flare to an atmosphere, and more.

Not only is IV a unique and experimental delay, it’s a stereo DSP platform. A simple USB connection will allow you to update IV to a variety of effects firmwares. Open-source support is available through libDaisy, which allows you to write your own firmware! All info can be found at the World of Versio.

Ask your doctor if Imitor Versio is right for you.