Legion Analog Oscillator

Legion Analog Oscillator


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Legion is a limited edition analog oscillator, with a run of only 600 units. It offers precision tuning with digital calibration, ensuring you stay in tune once set. The oscillator features a unique saw wave section inspired by the Alpha Juno synthesizer, and an analog supersaw output called Swarm. It also includes a sub-oscillator with switchable octave and waveforms, all fully reactive to Thru-Zero FM. Legion is designed around the SSI2130 TZFM oscillator chip, with a host of WMD-designed peripherals and digital control. Despite its power-hungry components, it uses very little power and maintains a stable temperature for superior tuning.

Key Features: 

  • Precise digital calibration 
  • Unique saw wave section 
  • Analog supersaw output (Swarm) 
  • Thru-Zero FM reactive sub-oscillator 
  • Power-efficient design 


  • Size: 8hp 
  • PCB height: 112mm 
  • Depth: 38mm 
  • Power: +70mA, -58mA 
  • Frequency Range: LFO of ~2 minutes to 8kHz
  • Tuning: 7 Octaves minimum +- 2 cents