Mixer Preamplifier Model 207t

Mixer Preamplifier Model 207t

Tiptop Audio

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The Buchla 207t is a versatile mixer/preampliifier for Eurorack 200 series, featuring six inputs and two main outputs, as well as a monitor output. It boasts a microphone input with a preamplifier and gain pot, suitable for microphones, electric guitar, or line level electric piano.

The mixer offers left and right channel output jacks, two mono monitor outputs, and a stereo expansion input for linking two mixers. The six mixer signal input jacks, six monitor switches, and six blue switches allow for customized signal routing.

The four center sliders serve as attenuators for input signals, while the assignment pots enable panning between left and right outputs. The voltage-controlled assign feature allows for dynamic signal routing.

**Specifications:** * Size: 28 HP * Depth: 28mm * Power: +12V 90mA / -12V 85mA