Mod Medusa Euclidean LFO

Mod Medusa Euclidean LFO

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In a simplistic way, The Mod Medusa could be described as an Euclidean LFO : an “algorhythmic” modulation source which produces variable period LFO signals synced to rhythmic patterns. Those patterns are generated by algorithms such as the Euclidean one or different ones coming from the White and Knight's Gallop. The Mod Medusa has 4 outputs generating 4 correlated LFOs, which give different “polyrhythms” according to the chosen mode. Generated waveforms can easily be twisted using the symmetry and shape parameters which continuously morph the signal into different waveshapes. Many on-panel controls, assignable Gate and VCA Inputs turn the Mod Medusa into a strong performance tool. A very unique approach which leads to instantaneous and original results.


• Unique concept of sequenced LFO

• Four outputs which can be correlated or independent

• Four correlation modes : Main, Compute, Random or Phase

• Eigth tables generated by algorithms producing different rhytmic patterns

• Length (from 1 to 16 steps), density and shift controls over the sequence

• Shape and symmetry controls over the generated waveforms

• Unipolar or Bipolar outputs

• Peak Sync function allowing to synchronize the LFO differently to the incoming clock

• Assignable gate input which can work as ratchet, track and hold or one shot mode.

• Assignable VCA input which can be assigned to any output.

• On board clock divider

• Bipolar CV inputs (except for the VCA input)

• Current state storing

• Skiff Friendly

• Djtechtools rubber injected potentiometers

• 12 hp wide