Make Noise

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The Make Noise Morphagene is an advanced sampler inspired by the experimental ideology of Musique Concrète which was pioneered in the 1940’s. The Morphagene behaves like a virtual tape machine, creating new sounds from manipulation of recorded sounds. One can splice the recorded samples into little parts, then loop it, reverse it, layer them, jump between them, change the playback speed and pitch, and experiment infinitely. It can simply generate endless sonic possibilities. All parameters are voltage-controlled, providing the ultimate experience in purposeful automation or freeform sonic investigations. Unlike the Phonogene (Morphagene’s previous predecessor), the Morphagene now support nearly 3 minutes of recording. The additional micro SD slot allows audio file playback and saving. The Morphagene is one of the best sample manglers in the eurorack universe!


  • All parameters are voltage controlled
  • Unique MORPH feature
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Auto Input leveling
  • Maximum recording time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds
  • 99 splices per reel
  • SD card (included) to playback and save files with resolution up to 48KHz and 32bits
  • Independent playback and recording mechanism


    Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
    Functions Sampler, Effect
    INS / OUTS 13 ins / 4 outs
    Expander N/A
    Dimensions 3U
    HP 20
    Max. module depth 30 mm
    Power +12V : 165mA, -12V: 20mA, +5V: 0A
    Weight 0.206 kg
    Manufacture Page Morphagene
    Manual morphagene-manual.pdf