Make Noise

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A passive multiple module which sends your input signal (CV or audio) to different destinations of your system. Normalized circuitry paths allow the Mult to be used in several configurations. Mult can also mix Gates, like a Gate Combiner or Logic OR.


Passive Multiple (no power required)

Possible configurations:

  • 3-in x 3-out
  • 1-in x 5-out plus 1-in x 3-out
  • 1-in x 7-out


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
Functions Multiple
INS / OUTS 9 x jacks
Expander N/A
Dimensions 3U
HP 4
Max. module depth 20 mm
Power N/A
Weight 0.026 kg
Manufacture Page Mult
Manual N/A