Octopus ART Quantizer

Octopus ART Quantizer

Tiptop Audio

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The OCTOPUS serves as a powerful ART controller that accepts MIDI input through either the USB or DIN connector. It produces 8 ART channels featuring 8 velocity CV outputs and 8 drum triggers. Alongside the ART oscillators, the OCTOPUS offers unparalleled ease in linking your modular setup to computer sequencers, hardware MIDI sequencers, and keyboards.

Each ART channel can handle playing polyphonic, monophonic, or multi-channel polyphony via an internal voice manager. Collectively, the OCTOPUS enables more voices and notes to be played from a single controller than previously achievable in modular setups. By employing ART's high-speed control signals, the OCTOPUS maintains minimal jitter for precise timing.

The OCTOPUS represents the initial ART controller release, with more products in the pipeline. To begin your journey with ART, choose between the Octopus and ART V/Oct Quantizer. It is important to note that while OCTOPUS is a versatile controller, it is not a 1V/Oct MIDI to CV converter and should not be mistaken as one.