Oktave Pitch Transposer

Oktave Pitch Transposer


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Width 6 HP

The ACL Oktave is made with two main functions in mind - allowing you to transpose any sequence or melody up or down by up to four octaves, and to fine tune your signal up or down by nearly 7 semitones. It's great for quick melody transposition both on stage and in the studio, but naturally, we've made sure it can be used more imaginatively than that...

The module has three high impedance inputs, one low impedance inverting output and four low impedance non-inverting outputs. This configuration is made with the intention of controlling the pitch of up to four VCO modules simultaneously, but it also allows you to do more interesting things, like mix up to three incoming CV signals and add DC-offsets to them. And internal buffering means that more VCOs can be controlled simply by using a multiple module, such as the passive part of our Multi II.

Octave tuning is performed with a high quality nine-position rotary switch, spanning -4V to +4V, with 0V in the centre position.

Fine-tuning of the input mix is handled with the Tune potentiometer, with a range of a little less than + / - one fifth. This smooth linear control can be handy for correcting an out-of-tune input signal or deliberate creative offsetting.

To ensure precise and reliable octave tuning and offset adjustment with minimal errors, Oktave features precise on-board voltage reference, precision low-tolerance resistors, and low-noise/low DC-drift/Offset Operational Amplifiers.

Installation depth:

  • 22 mm deep


Current Draw:

  • 7 mA +12V
  • 3 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V