Optomix Rev 2 Low Pass Gate

Optomix Rev 2 Low Pass Gate

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The Optomix is a dual voltage-controlled vactrol Low Pass Gate module. Insert a sound source into the input, then use the CTRL knob or CV to control the dynamics. Aside from control voltages, it can also accept gates or triggers through the unique STRIKE input for more percussive sounds, including the classic Buchla Bongo sound. The DAMP parameters allow fine-tuning of the character of the low pass gate. The two low pass gate channels can also be summed together along with a third AUX channel input, making it a three-channel mixer. Normalized and flexible signal paths make the Optomix easy to integrate with other modules or systems.


  • Dual Low Pass Gate
  • Utilizes 4x Vactrols
  • DC-coupled, can process CV and Audio
  • STRIKE input to “excite” the Vactrols
  • DAMP controls the “ringing” time on the Low Pass Gate
  • DAMP CV input also works with Audio as side-chain input
  • Individual outs, Mix outs and an Auxiliary mix input


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
Functions Low Pass Gate, Mixer
INS / OUTS 9 ins / 3 outs
Expander N/A
Dimensions 3U
HP 8
Max. module depth 24 mm
Power +12V: 25mA, -12V: 25mA, +5V: 0mA
Weight 0.086 kg
Manufacture Page Optomix
Manual optomixrev2manual.pdf