Orion Analog Phaser Effect Module

Orion Analog Phaser Effect Module


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Orion is a 4HP eurorack modular synthesizer module, offering a limited run of 600 units. It features an analog Phaser effect, with mono or mono-to-stereo capabilities for creating dynamic texture and cosmic swirls. The module includes an instant bypass switch, adjustable number of stages, and controls for resonance, depth, rate, and frequency-center. Orion's internal LFO can range from mild to wild, and an external CV input is available for further control. With a 100% analog audio path, Orion delivers a unique, warm, and smooth sound.

Key Features: 

  • Pole Select/Bypass Switch 
  • Stereo Switch 
  • Frequency, Depth, Resonance, and Rate Knobs 
  • Internal LFO with Frequency CV Input 
  • 100% Analog Audio Path Orion