Patch: The Card Game - Vol 1

Patch: The Card Game - Vol 1

Electric Spaghetti

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Patch: TCG - Vol 1

Deck of 25 cards:

9x Abstraction Cards

8x Progression Cards

8x Disruption Cards

Plus instruction card, and embossed tuck box.

I wanted to create something that would force me to make choices that I wasn’t thinking to make.

What started as a tool created to expand my own skills and creativity with the modular, became something even better. Something that anyone with a modular could use to do the same, in flexible and unique ways, tailored to their needs. I’m excited to have made something that can help the entire modular community grow their skills and connections to what I think is the most personal and expressive instrument available to musicians.



The Nine Abstraction cards can be thought of like a framework, or set of rules that the patch must follow.



Eight Progression cards generally aim to evolve or morph the state of the patch in a simple but impactful way.



Eight Disruption cards seek to alter the state of the patch significantly, sometimes in a way that presents a challenge to the player.