Performance Mixer MKII

Performance Mixer MKII


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Introducing the Performance Mixer MKII, a significant upgrade to the acclaimed MKI, boasting enhanced features and engineering improvements. This stereo mixer offers 8 channels with adjustable gain, smooth level faders, and soft-mute function. The pan feature allows for precise stereo placement, while the X-Fade mode lets you route multiple inputs to a single channel. Each channel features CV control over level, pan, and X-Fade positions.

The master section includes a MASTER INSERT for effects like compression or EQ, and a MIX IN for summing inputs not affected by the MASTER INSERT. The MKII also boasts a headphone output with adjustable level control, and a LED VU meter for the main mixing bus. The Performance Mixer MKII addresses all phase issues from the MKI, ensuring all points on the panel are in phase. It also features replaceable channel strips for easy repair, reducing downtime.

Preorders are open until June 1, 2024, with shipping expected to begin in September. Experience the future of mixing with the Performance Mixer MKII.