Pico Modulator

Pico Modulator

Erica Synths

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Erica Pico Modulator combines Envelope Generator and VCA in one module with straight-forward controls for live performances.


  • Selectable AD or ASR modes
  • Selectable lin or log envelope shapes
  • Loop mode without Gate in
  • Envelope output
  • Gate in and output signal control LEDs

With Pico Series we challenged ourselves – can we make ANY superior functionality synth module 3HP wide and affordable? Yes, we can.

Technical specification:

Attack time

0-4" (8" in loop mode)

Decay/Release time

0-4" (8" in loop mode)

EG amplitude

0V – 10V

VCA attenuation level (0V CV In)


VCA gain


Power consumption

+28mA, -5mA

Module width


Module depth



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