Make Noise

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The PrssPnt music synthesizer module generates signals through copper wire contact at its base, making you part of the circuit and producing four simultaneous signals. Its function is similar to Pressure Points or 0-CTRL, but with enhanced features. As a single-channel device, it features sensitivity controls and alternative pressure/gate outputs instead of tuned voltage outputs.


  • Momentary Gate Output remains active while pressed,
  • Toggled Gate Output alternates between high and low with each press.
  • The Pressure Output produces a control signal based on applied pressure, adjustable via the Sensitivity Panel.
  • The Smooth Touch Function sends pressure output through a tuned slew limiter, generating extended functions.
  • Adjusting the Slew amount allows for creating dramatic, slow-decaying functions manually.
  • All four outputs are available simultaneously.


  • Width: 4hp
  • Max Depth
    (incl. power cable): 30mm
  • Power:
    14mA @+12V
    0mA @-12V