Rene (2018)

Rene (2018)

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Inspired by the Cartesian Coordinate system, the René is truly a unique sequencer which breaks through the linearity of a typical sequential sequencer. The idea to locate sequence steps in an X-Y format allows a lot more variations of sequences to be made out of a given number of steps. The René (2018) now can produce 3 channels of CV outputs and Gate outputs. Just feed the X, Y, Z clock in with 3 different clocks (Tempi, perhaps?), and run them in different Cartesian patterns. You will end up with some unpredictable generative result within seconds. The new Z-axis also allows voltage-controlled selections between 64 stored states on the fly. The René is a powerful, fun sequencing, with real-time programming that stretches across 3 dimensions.


  • 3x CV outs and 3x Gate outs
  • Independent and simultaneous cartesian, snake, patterns per axis
  • Save up to 64 States (presets)
  • Z-axis can modulate between 64 States
  • 16 illuminated knobs and 16 illuminated touch buttons
  • Integration with Tempi via Select bus to Select, Store, Revert, Multi-paste and Mesh States


Format Eurorack (Doepfer) 3.5mm Jack
Functions Sequencer
INS / OUTS 8 ins / 6 outs
Expander Tempi
Dimensions 3U
HP 34
Max. module depth 24 mm
Power +12V: 235mA, -12V: 0mA, +5V: 0A
Weight 0.25 kg
Manufacture Page Rene (2018)
Manual renemanual.pdf